As our patterns come ready cut, you should carefully check your size before you order using our measurements table.

Take your measurements carefully, without ease, and compare them with the size chart. For coats, jackets, dresses and blouses, follow the bust measurement. For pants and skirts, follow the hip measurement.

The size chart measurements do not include ease, which is incorporated in the patterns to assure a correct fit.

Control all patterns for length before you cut: dresses, skirts, pants and sleeves.

Yardage indications are for size 46, and may vary for other sizes.

Bust girth

Check bust measurement with a meter for seamstress at the point where chest is most prominent.

Waist girth

Measure your waist circumference at its thinnest point.

Hip girth

Measure your hips circumference at the widest point.

Bust height

Put the meter on the shoulder (at the base of the neck) and measure to the most prominent point of chest.

Waist front length

Put the meter on the shoulder (at the base of the neck) and measure to the waist..

Waist back length

Put the meter at the base of the neck at the back and measure to the waist.


On the back measure the width from shoulder to shoulder.


Keep your arm bent at 90° and measure from the shoulder to the wrist passing through the elbow.

The following chart is reffered to Italian sizes, not American, French, Spanish, English or German which are different. Please take your body measurements to determine your Italian size.

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