How can I order?

– By phone: please call us at +39 0532 750286. We speak Italian, English, French and Spanish.

– You can order directly online on our website Here it’s possible to order all available catalogs and a selection of patterns from these collections.

It’s easy to order, you just need to follow the instructions that will guide you step by step.

Payment can be done directly online by credi card.

– You can also send us an e-mail with the order, complete address and credit card details (card owner, number, expiry date and security code number).

If you order the magazine, please specify the edition you need; if you order the patterns, please write the pattern number and the required size chosen amongst the available sizes, as our fashion patterns are pre-cut on onionskin paper in single size.

How can I order sewing patterns not available on website?

On our website you find just a selection of our patterns, which are more than a thousand.

If you don’t find the pattern you want online you can order it by e-mail or by phone.

Please always remember to write pattern code number, the size you require and your full address. Payment can be done by credit card via Paypal.

What are your shipping rates?

The shipping costs vary depending on the quantity you order and where it is delivered.

Before your order confirmation a detailed shipping costs and options to choose from will be shown to you.

Where can you ship your catalogs and patterns?

We ship all over the world by mail or courier.

How long does shipping take?

We use the best carriers to make sure your order is delivered at your doorstep in time. Exact time depends by kind of shipment and destination. It averagely takes from 2 to 3 days by courier and from 5 to 7 days by mail. We ship items in 24 hours, 48 hours if pattern is not in stock.

What should I do before ordering a pattern?

We will guide you step by step during the various phases of order, all you have to do before is to take your personal measurement carefully, without ease, and compare them with the Marfy size chart. Then choose the pattern ad place your order.

How can I choose my size?

In order to choose your size you have to check your measurements (without ease) with the ones on Marfy size chart, that you find in the magazine or on our website in each pattern page you find “How to choose your size” click on it and the size chart with measurements and instructions will appear. Our size chart is reffered to Italian sizes, not American, French, Spanish, English or German which are different.

Are your patterns in single size?

Yes, they are. All Marfy single-size paper patterns are cut by hand, piece by piece on tissue paper, in the size the customer has chosen among those available, and they are ready to be set on the fabric for cutting, leaving for you the pure pleasue of sewing and saving you considerable time that would otherwise be spent tracing and cutting out your pattern. Depending on design, Marfy patterns can be available from Italian size 42 to 58.

How long are patterns on sale?

Since publishing of each collection, all Marfy patterns are available for five years, after that they will be available if on stock.

What do marfy patterns look like?

Marfy patterns are made in tissue paper in single size and arrive to you folded as an envelope.

All Marfy sewing patterns are stamped and marked with all the directions you need. Marks are in four languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish.

These markings include also notches, not only for gathering and loosening the fabric, but also at the bust, waist and hip points. We show you how to position the fabric grain and where to put the darts and pleats, along with each piece of the pattern from the front and back pieces to pockets, from collars to the tiny accessory straps and other details.

We mark where to insert, overstitch, gather, pleat, double, put buttons, zips, edges, and so on… if a particular garment needs special techniques to be made in a successful way, we draw attention to that.

Everything is numbered so you can see which piece goes where – all you have to do is sew side A on one piece to side A on the adjoining piece, then join B to B and so on.

Are seam allowances and hems included?

In order for you to immediately visualise the finished garment, as well as its precise measurements, each Marfy sewing pattern is made without leaving extra space for seam and hem allowances. So when you cut the fabric don’t forget to allow that extra space. We recommend 1–2 centimetres for seams, and 4 centimetres for hems.

Are step-by-step instructions included?

Because our sewing patterns are intuitive and easy to follow, we don’t provide step-by-step instructions for how to make each garment. You can adapt each design as you like, but don’t let this deter newcomers to sewing and consider our patterns only for expert sewers. Consider Marfy patterns an opportunity to let your creativity pour and make the garment with the details you prefer. If you’re uncertain the first time you try one of our patterns, all you will need is your favourite dressmaking book beside you that will quickly give you a selection of techniques to choose from. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t even need your reference book to guide you and will be able to make beautiful, stylish garments in no time.

Are internal details and lining included in the pattern?

All Marfy clothing patterns include internal details that form part of the design, such as under-collars, lapels, edging and interior belts, etcetera. If you decide to line your garment you can use the same pattern to create the perfect fit.

I have never used marfy patterns, how can I try one?

You can try immediatly some free Marfy patterns, they are downloadable from our website. You just need to go to the free patterns page. Moreover, if you order the annual catalog you will find an attached graphic with some free multi sized patterns ready to use. You will have immediatly the opportunity to try our patterns and see what kind of indications they have, which size is best for you and above all how they are designed to fit perfectly. They are the result of a long research, talent and experience. More than words, the dress, the jacket, the skirt will speak to you with their fit, their straight grain fall, their harmonious architecture, their perfectly tight-fitting draping… These free patterns are the only patterns to trace out, all other Marfy patterns are pre-cut on tissue paper in single size.

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