Autumn-Winter 2023-24

For the fashion of the new winter season, trends bring colour and prints to the forefront. They are now also being smeared on coats and outerwear, making them authentic protagonists of the wardrobe.

Green light is therefore given to colours in vivid shades, such as red, yellow, fuchsia, green, even in fluorescent tones. 

In contrast, or combined together, the more reassuring grey, cream, brown and the timeless black.

The patterns are abstract or floral, often large, and contrast with classic masculine fabrics and tartan.

Coats are tailored, and the big star of the winter is the ankle-length maxi, which gives an undisputed iconic allure. By its side, the classic shorter coat, often in strong colours or patterned fabric, and to which a faux fur collar can be added.

The duffle coat is also back, to be worn either short or long, and capes, either casual knotted at the waist or super trendy in a 70s style that can be combined with a mini-dress.

Practical and sporty, there are also short jackets, from the bomber jacket to the aviator, up to crop cuts that give a bolero effect. 

There are also extreme contrasts in the styles, ranging from the purely masculine look, with ties and broad-shouldered managerial suits, to the super-feminine, with dark lady dresses in black lace and sinuous lingerie-like petticoat dresses, now also outlawed for winter. 

As is denim, which leaves the purely warm season and is now also used in winter on tailored skirts, trousers, total look suits and even capes, sometimes enriched with embroidery, with a casual and chic effect at the same time.

The skirts are pencil, mini or godet, and sometimes they can be put on pants with a double effect as well.

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