Marfy  Catalog 2014/15Free patterns in the graph supplied with the magazine Marfy 2014/15Free patterns in the graph supplied with the magazine Marfy 2014/15Free patterns in the graph supplied with the magazine Marfy 2014/15

Marfy 2014/15

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Mehr als 200 exklusive Kreationen, für Frühling-Sommer und für Herbst-Winter, allesamt perfekt für die Ausführung von Modellen für jede Gelegenheit: casual, trendy, klassisch, für Feiern oder Abendveranstaltungen, jung oder damenhaft...alle im unverwechselbaren Stil! 

GRATIS im Katalog! 20 Schnittmuster in 5 Größen: 42, 44, 46, 48 und 50.

Die kostenlos  beiliegenden Schnittmuster  sind nicht wie alle Marfy-Modelle in Einzelgrößen zugeschnitten, sondern in Mehrfachgrößen auf Graphik gedruckt.

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Fashion Trends 2014/15
The new look for 2014–15 combines a delicate vintage mood – harking back in particular to the 50s and 60s – with a strong, decisive but trendy feel, expressed in details such as rock-chic studs, a host of bold prints, and a profusion of zips – very 80s, very now. Here the details are the key, and distinctive cuffs, sumptuous fur inserts and asymmetric cuts abound in tailored garments that hug the figure in all the right places.
There’ll be no shortage of lace this year, ever ready to add a touch of luxurious detail, either in combination with British fabrics, or in a total look combination in strong colours for maximum aesthetic impact.
Bold prints are also very in, whether animals or flowers, abstract patterns or figures, they are guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.
Colour trends move on from monolithic blocks of black and white to soft, retro pastels – which give a reassuringly nostalgic feel – and the bright, vivid tones of the digital age – electric blues, greens, reds, yellows and purples, which have the future set firmly in their sights.


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